all you need to know about UI/UX terms (part 2)

8 UI terms to understand the UI design process

01. MOOD BOARDS : Moodboard is a well-thought-out and planned arrangement of images, materials, icons, fragments of text etc. that communicates visual concepts to create a visual direction for a specific web or an app project.

02. COLOR PALETTE : Color palette serves as a visual guide for your brand’s color scheme. Usually consists of one or more colors for the UI (main, secondary, accent), whites and blacks, as well as main and secondary background colors.

03. FONTS & TYPOGRAPHY : Typography system combines all sizes for your headers, paragraphs, and display texts, with a clear hierarchy between them. If not certain where to start, go with 16-18px on your paragraphs and increase by 4px per each header, going from H4, H3, H2 to H1 and display.

04. STYLE GUIDES : UI style guide focuses on the overall aesthetics the product. It’s a great resource for the whole design team to reference the color styles, typography, icons, imagery, or logo use, when working on new sprints and releases.

05. LOW FIDELITY DESIGN : Low fidelity mockups help quickly identify possible design and user flow issues early on in the development process, before wasting too much time designing a prototype or applying any brand styling.

06. HIGH FIDELITY DESIGN : High fidelity wireframes on the other hand are characterized by a refined design, appropriate copy, well designed information structure, color schemes, clearly defined imagery, and typography.

07. COMPONENTS : Components are sets of defined interface elements that create the user interface, like input controls, navigation lists, sliders, input fields, tags, icons, tooltips, cards, modals, accordions, notifications and such.

08. DESIGN SYSTEM : Design System, similar to the brand book, is a set of guidelines and pre-defined components for designing and developing a digital product. It’s definitely a must-have tool for large organizations that have several dozen digital products being developed at times.

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