1. OFFER NEW CUSTOMERS MONEY : This may leave you wondering but…

PayPal is one of the companies that used this strategy to expand their customer base.

Offering new customers $10 & existing customers $10 for referrals!

Each new customer received : $20

2. LAUNCH A REFERRAL PROGRAMME : A simple but effective method!

Interesting statistic : Personal recommendations are trusted by 92% of consumers over all other forms of marketing.

3. USE YOUR PRODUCT FOR A SOCIAL CAUSE : This means customers can use your physical goods towards something larger.

In Brazil, the beer company Ambev used this tactic – their customers could scan their cans for a free train journey!

4. OFFER A FREE GIFT WITH SELECTED PRODUCTS : Of course, all customers love a free gift with their purchase.

Using this tactic means customers are encouraged to buy from you & you can showcase unique items within your gift selections.

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