Front End Developers / Useful Websites For Front End Developers

* About front end simplified

* About hackerrank

  1. Small Dev Tools : It provides a list of useful tools for developers, including BASE64 Encode, JSON formatter, etc. https://smalldevtools/

* About odin project

  1. Gitignore : Gitigonre is a great tool that allows you to easily create gitignore files for your projects.

* python for everybody

  1. Colors & Fonts : Colors & fonts is a great website that curates a list of awesome colors and fonts that you can use in your project. Colors systems, color palettes, color gradients, font pairing, and more.

  1. Bootstrap 5 Cheatsheet : This website curates a list of useful Bootstrap 5 classes, mixins, and variables that you can use on your next projects.

  1. The front-end checklist : The front-end checklist is a very useful website for all web developers. It allows you to learn and follow the rules when it comes to front-end web development. It tells you to follow all front-end web development rules in a generated report.

* About frontend simplified

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