Button Design / 6 biggest Button Design mistakes.

Please avoid these!

Button design may seem easy for you. However, it isn’t.

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There are pretty clear rules, and we see designers break them day after day without any consequences. They are making mistakes. Let’s clear these up :

Don’t make the button too wide or too narrow.

A perfect horizontal padding for 16 px text size is 32 px. On mobiles, the sizes may extend to full-screen width.

* About font awesome icons

Don’t make the button too high or too low.

The perfect vertical padding value that many professionals use is 18 px.

The first true mobile product design tool.

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Unlike traditional design tools that require you to simulate the mobile experience, Play is the first tool to make contextual design for mobile possible.

Don’t make them too fancy.

It is okay if you make nice buttons, but you shouldn’t put so many effects on them. Just make it nice and simple.

Inconsistency through buttons.

* material ui icons

Avoid inconsistent button shapes because they can confuse the user.

Not having 3 types of buttons.

Design projects usually have three types of buttons. Primary, secondary, and tertiary.

Don’t lack hierarchy You need hierarchy.

* minimalist design means

Hierarchy is one of the most important design principles, and that’s why we have to apply it to buttons too.

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